About Us

Welcome to Bikestrippers!

When you buy parts from Bikestrippers.com you are not helping an executive buy an expensive house or car or vacation home.

You are helping a dozen people support their families and put food on the table. We are not a big corporation. We are a small business with a single owner and a handful of employees who care about each other and work hard to provide you the best customer service and good deals on bike parts. We do things right and we treat people fairly and honestly.

We realize that without you, we wouldn't be here, so when we say we appreciate your business...we really mean it. Thank you.

What We Do!
We buy motorcycles from dealers or individuals, strip them, and offer the parts for sale on our online store, We are not a "chop shop" "biker club" or "junk yard" Contrary to what you might think. In fact we are respectful honest helpful people that enjoy what we do, which is helping others get the parts to fix their bikes. All our bikes are VIN checked so we know there is no "funny business".

BikeStrippers offers a large inventory of parts at competitive prices. We Generally have several thousand parts on hand and ready to ship.

Careers - BikeStrippers
We do accept applications as we are always looking to grow
Preferred method is online, email, etc, as we are an online business and it is good to see personalized responses rather than resume only responses.
Email to bikestripper@yahoo.com